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Would you share your data with our kids?

As the Coronavirus pandemic grows, South Africa has seen more than 1000 people infected. As of March 26th, South Africa has been locked down.

Unfortunately, this means that REN Hockey’s students are unable to go to school or hockey training. To assist our youth during this time, we have begun to host online tutoring and leadership development sessions. This will allow them to utilize this period to the fullest. However, many students and their parents do not have internet and therefore cannot participate. A lack of internet also makes it difficult for families to receive accurate information regarding the virus.

While these sessions may be academic and development focused, they will allow us to remain connected with our families, share information regarding the virus and provide them with support during this time.

To participate in these sessions we have provided each student with 1GB of data for the month. While the exact cost varies depending on the students cell phone provider, 1GB of data costs R100-R150 ($6-$10).

While it is uncertain how long this pandemic may last, R2500-R3750 ($150-$250) will provide data to our 25 REN Hockey students for one month. If we raise more than $500, we can then ensure each student has access for at least two months.

What you can do

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